At L.A. Smith Company, we have the ability to cater to a wide array of clients by offering a diversified list of services.

Welcome to L.A. Smith & Company and L.A. Smith General Contracting, a multi-divisional company. Since 1989, L.A. Smith & Company and L.A. Smith General Contracting has provided industries and commercial businesses in the southeast with exceptional service and products for the construction and maintenance of facilities both new and existing. We ask you to take a moment to explore the many services we provide and invite you to contact us with any construction or maintenance service needs. From industry standards to custom solutions, L. A. Smith & Company and L.A. Smith General Contracting has the ability to meet your needs.

A Standard of Quality and Excellence

A proven track record of safety, performance, value and repetitive business to ensure customers we are intent on making the business of our clients our business. We view quality and excellence as a standard of both products and execution. L.A. Smith & Company and L.A. Smith General Contracting is a principal driven institution with a solid foundation based on the following core values and beliefs:

•    Commitment to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and diversity
•    We provide quality service and are in the business to receive a fair profit for services rendered
•    Our employees are our most valuable asset. We are committed to their safety as well as their professional and personal development. We understand our success is dependent upon the knowledge, imagination, skills, teamwork, and integrity of our employees.
•    We earn repeat business through our commitment to customer satisfaction by continuous improvement in the way we conduct business.

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