Uncompromising Service

Abrasive Blasting
Asphalt Maintenance
Boiler Tube Blasting
Concrete & Masonry Construction
Concrete Restoration
Confined Space Entry
General Contracting
Industrial Insulation
Lead Abatement
Mechanical Services (Millwright)
Steel Construction
Water Blasting (up to 5000 psi)


Abrasive Blasting
Industrial Coatings
Industrial Insulation
Lead Abatement
Water Blasting (up to 5000 psi)

Water Blasting

It is a dirty job but someone has to do it. Any day of the weeks, crews from L. A. Smith & Company and L. A. Smith General Contracting can be found water blasting and cleaning anything from interior of tanks to miscellaneous equipment. We have hot and cold capabilities up to 5000 psi.

Water blast storage tanks
Touch up existing coating system

Water, Wastewater and Process Water Rehabilitation.

•    Repair, resurfacing and modification of facility structures including clarifiers and aerators
•    Wet well rehab including structural repair, linings and mechanical replacement
•    Manhole structural repair and protective linings
•    Non-intrusive inversion leak repairs

Industrial Retrofitting and Rehabilitation.

•    General building up-fits and repairs
•    Steel Structures
•    Concrete construction
•    Concrete restoration
•    Surface, injection and spray on grouts
•    Millwright services
•    Sandblasting, water blasting and industrial cleaning
•    Performance coatings
•    Boiler tube blasting


Asphalt Maintenance
Concrete & Masonry
General Contracting
Mechanical Service (Millwright)
Steel Construction

Abrasive Blasting

• Conventional Abrasive Blasting
• Soda Blasting
• Wet Abrasive Blasting
• Farrow Blasting
• Steel Shot Blasting

Concrete Maintenance


• Concrete Restoration
• Remove damaged concrete from containment basin
• Decontaminate soil and stabilize sub grade
• Install new concrete floor and drain sump
• Re-grout damaged walls and install cove
• Install vinyl-ester lining system with fiberglass saturate

Industrial Insulation

L.A. Smith & Company and L. A. Smith General Contractors are certified applicator Envirotrol Ceramic Cover CC-Systems 100.

Some Insulation projects include:
• Tanks
• Boilers
• Valves
• Dryers


Trained and certified by Scaffold Training Institute
Care is taken to ensure property is not damaged by wrapping scaffold with tarp and providing netting to catch falling material.

Steel repair and painting

Abrasive blasting to clean metal of debris and rust
Remove damaged steel and weld in new steel
Apply coating

Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt repair
Roadway maintenance
Side Walks
Line Striping
Seal Coating
Concrete Paving


L. .A Smith & Company and L. A. Smith General Contracting is experienced with a wide variety of coating products and application methods.

Whether your coating needs include major shutdowns, plant maintenance, or touch up crews, L. A. Smith has the knowledge, manpower and equipment to get the job done safe and on time.

L. A. Smith will cover all your coating needs from floor to ceiling, paper machines to tanks and silos, agricultural machines, and all forms of steel structures

Steel Construction

L.A. Smith & Company and L. A. Smith General
Contracting offers a full line of turn-key, ground up construction projects

We construct facilities to support a wide range of clients:

Commercial Office Space   Church & Fellowship
Educational                          Facilities Agricultural
Retail Space                          Medical Facilities
Warehouses                         Recreational Facilities
Manufacturing Plants         Restaurants

Industrial Cleaning

Our general cleaning experience includes a wide scope of work. We hand clean ceilings,
Truss systems, and all types of machinery.

Our janitorial services include floor buffing, laboratory maintenance, general paining, and landscaping.

Whether you need a general crew twice a week or just a corporate cleanup – L.A. Smith can get the job done.

Surface Preparation

  • Abrasive Blasting
  • Sanding / Hand cleaning
  • Encapsulation
  • All Removal of Lead Paint