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Construct 260,000 gallon cast in place anaerobic tank and adjoining 260,000 gallon aerobic tank. Modify original system tank to feed new system. Restore original concrete tank system and install chemical resistant lining system. Install discharge pumps and piping from original system to new tanks.


Process Water System Rehab

Install new roof canopy over entire process water system Modify tank support structure to uncover sludge press for added work clearance Install new stair well in place of safety ladder Install new concrete curbing for containment Rehab interior of clarifier, resurfacing concrete and install floor lining


New Process Facility

Infrastructure - Process containment - Facilities construction - Equipment placement



Remove damaged concrete from containment basin. Decontaminate soil and stabilize sub grade. Install new concrete floor and drain sump. Re-grout damaged walls and install cove. Install vinyl-ester lining system with fiberglass saturate.



Replace drive units and repair rotating structures Re-grout damaged areas of tank surface Blast and coat all steel structures including bridge and hand rail


Rehab Basement Ceiling 4000sf

Remove spalling and cracking concrete. Sandblast and coat exposed rebar. Install new reinforcing. Gunnite resurface all ceiling areas.


Rehab Supply Aqueduct

Sanitize flume to remove all mold and mildew - Sandblast all substrate below water line - Gunnite all surfaces below water line - Install polyurethane coating system over resurfacing


Construct new containment

Remove fill and grade site - Construct new tank containment and truck unload area - Install vinyl ester lining system


Relocate sludge press

Create opening above mezzanine in building - Remove sludge press form 2nd floor - Fabricate and install new stands and man way - Install press at new location - Restore piping and electrical


Storage tank cleaning and painting

Mill cleaning, painting and maintenance - Structural steel repairs and new structure installation - Process floor reconstruction and performance coating application - Performance tank linings


Construct Roof Canopies for Chemical Area

Fabricate steel structure for framing system - Blast and coat all primary steel - Erect steel and install roof and skirt walls


Repair pre-filtered holding tank

Repair spalling and cracking concrete on tank exterior with vertical repair grout - Remove all damaged and honeycomb areas from interior walls - Fill voids in interior walls with urethane filler - Apply 125 Mils of Sherflex Polyurethane lining system to seal tank


Rebuild Waste Water Clarifier

Disassemble drums, rake arms and drives - Fabricate new inner and outer drums - Reinforce rake arms and replace damaged material - Repair intake/discharge pipe - Sandblast and coat all components - Install new seals and bearings in drive units


Cleaning and paining of pumps

Mill cleaning, painting and maintenance - Process floor reconstruction and performance coating application - Annual maintenance contract


Coat interior and exterior of water tank

Blast interior of tank - Coat interior of tank with NSF plural component polyurethane liner - Blast exterior of tank - Coat exterior of tank with urethane over epoxy system


Install Containment Lining in Process Floor

Shot blast and scarify damaged concrete substrate - Repair spalled and over finished surface with Epoxy filler - Install cove filler to create flexible joints - Install self-leveling epoxy system to eliminate depressions - Apply chemical resistant top coating - Erect pre-engineered metal building


Remodel Maintenance Shop

Install liner panels around perimeter walls - Install SAT and new lighting - Prep and paint all exposed structure and large equipment - Prep concrete and install floor coating system


Convert old plating room to WWTP

Remove all decommissioned equipment and abandoned piping - Backfill existing sump floor retaining a 12” trench drain - Media blast metal ceiling and structure - Repaint ceiling and walls - Pour new 4000 psi concrete floor - Relocate existing WWTP equipment to new area


Remove spalling and cracking concrete

Sandblast and coat exposed rebar - Install new reinforcing - Cast and gunnite resurface structural members


Industrial Insulation

L.A. Smith & Company and L. A. Smith General Contractors are certified applicator Envirotrol Ceramic Cover CC-Systems 100. Some Insulation projects include: • Tanks • Boilers • Valves • Dryers


Abrasive Blasting

L.A. Smith & Company and L.A. Smith General contracting has provided abrasive blasting services for more than 25 years. Our blast services include structural steel, concrete, tanks, vessels throughout states from Florida to Virginia. We are trained using all types of blast media to better serve our clients needs. With a thorough understanding of the environmental impacts of the trade, we adhere to EPA regulations to the fullest extent.


Steel Repair / Painting

Abrasive blasting to clean metal of debris and rust - Remove damaged steel and weld in new steel - Apply coating

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