Our business is inherently dangerous.

Since our inception, employees of L. A. Smith & Company and L. A. Smith General Contracting have always been our most important asset and their safety is our greatest concern.

At L. A. Smith & Company and L. A. Smith General Contracting, we understand that a safe workplace does not just happen; it is the result of rigorous planning, continued training, policy accountability and management commitment working in coordination with safe work behaviors lived out by our employees.

By providing the necessary resources to achieve this goal, we are committed to equipping employees to work safely on site or at home in our facilities.

Safety will always be our first objective regardless of the nature or size of a project. With a foundation based in safe work practices and education, our safety program revolves around planning, communicating and observing with the mindset to continually improve and always be our brother’s keeper.

• Incorporating Job Hazard Assessment techniques and documentation

• Empowering all employees to stop work and notify supervisor if a threat to safety is observed

• Conducting “Toolbox Safety Talks”

• Utilizing Audit Inspection Reports

• Providing appropriate level of training for supervisors



Through the experience with industrial clients and the potential environmental problem they face day to day, L. A. Smith & Company and L. A. Smith General Contracting has instituted a culture committed to environmental protection and stewardship.

1. Complete compliance with environmental laws and regulations

2. Adhering to the pro-active efforts and systems of our customers to protect and improve the environment

3. Utilizing intelligent resource management and recycling to eliminate or reduce waste

4. Provide employee training for material handling and spill response

5. Recording and reporting our performance for use by facility personnel and regulatory agencies

Our safety record is a testament to our program

EMR for the past years
2014 2015 2016
0.80 0.83 0.80


Our employees are trained under some of the most extensive programs known in the heavy industrial arena. Every employee goes through classroom safety and equipment training before introductory to the piece of equipment they will be using. The rigorous reporting and permit requirements ensure our employees are trained above the industry standards.

Training includes:
• Aerial Platform
• Barricade/Signage
• Bloodborne Pathogens
• Boiler
• Company Safety Policy
• Confined Space
• Fall Protection
• Fire Extinguisher
• First Aid
• Forklift
• G.F.C.I.
• Hand Safety
• Hazard Communication
• Lead Awareness
• Lockout/Tagout
• Nitrogen
• Respirator Safety
• Respirator Fit Test
• Respirator Clearance Physical
• Abrasive Blasting
• Scaffold Awareness
• Water Blasting (up to 5000 psi)

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